Swift Media began in 2009 by offering IT & Marketing Services, after six years of working in public and private industry we learned that good customer service is what clients value most. With a diverse background in technology, we began to focus on server development, management and security. Surprisingly this answered a lot of questions to why businesses struggle with their online marketing. Understanding servers, code and infrastructure plays a big part in search rank and online marketing.

Swift Media primarily manages and supports a number of different cloud services, while also offering consulting and web development services when required. Our goal is to continue innovating and building strong partnerships, we look forward to continued stable growth and most importantly, we appreciate your business.

Marketing Award of Distinction, 2011

Young Entreprenuer Award Nominee, 2012

Thanks to our customers!

Thank you for the years of support, and investment in our business! Were looking forward to your next objective!

How we work?


We value Individuals and interactions over processes and tools, we believe that strong communication and relationships in during the course of our projects is essential to delivering high quality products.

Customer Collaboration

We value client collaboration that builds working relationships to help navigate challenges and objectives during projects. Good projects are a result of a good team working together on common objectives and innovating solutions.

Functional Products

We value working websites & software over comprehensive documentation. Our focus is on using web software to problem solve for your organization.

Responding to Change

Project needs and objectives can change very quickly. We believe its important to be able to adapt and change quickly if required.


We love to support & sponsor local events!