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Since 2009 we have used WordPress to produce many websites, its a open source platform with a huge community behind it. There are some amazing WordPress themes and frameworks that people like to use, and there is always the option for custom theme development.

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WordPress Help ++

4Hr support package @ 350.00 <p ” style=”font-size: 16px; text-align: left;”>Hire a WordPress developer for a half day and get some serious help and support fixing / building your WordPress website

Designed for:

  • Website Agencies
  • WordPress Developers
  • Up to 50 WordPress Websites

Offering a stable, fast and secure WordPress server that we manage for you. Our servers are perfectly designed for WordPress from the ground up. We invite you to have a chat with out team.


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Lets build together

Enjoy the peace of mind that an experienced and educate team of technicians can bring to your WordPress agency.

Designed for:

  • Large Digital Agencies
  • High Resource Usage
  • 300+ WordPress Websites

This is our flagship service, a complete and customized grid of WordPress power. Fully optimized, powerful, stable and swift.

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Rich Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is content that is generated with a Date, Month and Year tag attached to it. The technical term is called “meta date tag”. This content lets search engines know that your website has fresh content

Clean Code & Fast Load

Having a website that is coded and compressed and hosted in a fast environment has a huge result on search rank. If your website has a 20 second load time, search engines are not going to want to favour your website… ask us why 😉

Form Follows Function

Let’s build a website that your customers expect, heck why don’t we even ask some of them what they expect! Good websites are ones that make it easy for customers to navigate, some of the most useful products have the most boring design.

Rich Dynamic Content

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