WordPress Service Level Agreement

Our WordPress support is available via our online chat on website via email. We encourage our users to contact us directly through our website.

Included in our WordPress Hosting & Support are the following services:

  • WordPress Hosting: Fast, secure, Canadian based WordPress Hosting with SSD disks, nginx and allocated IP addresses.
  • 15 Minute WordPress Jobs: We include up to 5 – 15 minute jobs on your WordPress website. This can include content updates, photo changes, button fixes and other css & html improvements.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support: If you encounter a problem with your website and it results an a business emergency and you desperately need your website back online or restored, We will be available, For emergencies we are available one request on our website through our live chat application, or via text message.
  • WordPress Updates: We will help you update your WordPress website on request. We wait for our clients to request WordPress updates because often if done automatically it can break websites.
  • WordPress Security: We pride ourselves on having a secure WordPress hosting system. We utilize a a custom linux environment and tweak our servers with custom libraries and server configuration rules to make WordPress fast & secure.
  • WordPress Backup: Contract depending we have a number of different WordPress backup solutions.

Additional Service

WordPress Development: On occasion you may tasks, changes & upgrades that exceed a 15 minute job. For those requests we offer WordPress development at $95/hr.

Web Development Hours includes the following:

  • Server Configuration & Dev Environment Setup
  • Deployment & Configuration of WordPress Framework
  • Deployment & Configuration of WordPress Custom Theme Framework
  • Design & Development WordPress Template
  • Font Pairing Selection & Testing
  • Color Palette Selection & Testing
  • Page Layouts Design & Testing
  • Content Layout Design & Testing
  • Content Presentation Design & Testing
  • Customization, Installation & Development of WordPress Plugins
  • Editing & Customizations of template PHP, CSS & JavaScript
  • Photoshop & Illustrator Content Edits & Adjustments
  • Desktop Website Testing
  • Mobile Website Testing
  • Website Migration & Soft Launch
  • SSL Certification & Configuration
  • Site Map & Webmaster Submissions
  • SEO Entry & Testing
  • Post Launch Review & Testing

Standard Support

Swift Media provides best effort managed support services to all of our clients. Our service is made up of a documented robust internal framework we use to ensure data security & redundancy for our clients. The WordPress Service Level Agreement falls under our standard support for windows & linux applications as outlined below.

Managed Services – Windows & Linux Applications

What we provide:

  • Application Support: We Provide best effort assistance with the features, functions and use of desktop wrapped software & applications.
  • Technical Support: We Provide best effort technical assistance and support with the server operating systems, systems configuration, system management and hardware diagnostics
  • Systems Network Access Connectivity: We provide troubleshooting and fault detection for communication network and infrastructure.
  • Security/Password: We provide user authentication and user ID creation, change and resets for applications and infrastructure.
  • Server Monitoring: We provide best effort service monitoring for faults, connectivity and performance.
  • Server Configuration Management: We provide best effort service to manage system resources, to mitigate performance bottlenecks and possible
  • Backup and Restoral services: We provide best effort backup services that can be made available in the case of outage or incident.
  • Virus Protection: Our infrastructure deployment strategy consists of virus protection through the use of firewalls, network strategy and software.
  • Vulnerability Management: Our system resources are monitored for system vulnerabilities. If our service detects unusual activity in the network our hardware firewall will notify and shutdown the service until our technicians can investigate.

Best Effort Statement

We are driven to provide the fastest and most secure hosting experience to our clients. Our business has been built on paying attention to the important details that help deliver a quality service at an affordable price. Since our inception we have made customer service a key component embedded into each of our service offering. Our experience continually educates us and forces us to improve our methods daily. Our best effort in a continually changing world is to ensure uptime, security, dependability and humanity in our business. Our business relies on your success.

Website Liability & Risks

We understand that these topics can create fear, but our approach is too educate to mitigate any fear that may arise from some these topics covered below.

For over a decade Swift Media Group has helped mitigate these risks for our clients. However due to the nature of online activity we need to continue our efforts of education to prepare our clients to be successful in their online efforts.

Content Liability

You are liable for your website and its content. For an example, in the highly unlikely event that a staff member logs into your website and posts credit card information and the credit are company investigates and finds the information on your website they can attempt to prove you are liable. This why we take website security so seriously. We as with many hosting companies to not offer insurance for this type of event and can not be made liable for it. Insurance for this comes from an insurance brokerage. The same situation can be applied to content that is harmful or hurtful against a minority group etc. This is why website security is very important. Governments will continue to adapt legislation to better mitigate these risks, but in the meantime we are left with the responsibility to educate and create awareness of what we call “Content Liability”. As of March 21/2021 with the 1000s of clients we have worked with, this has never been an issue or a problem.

A Right to Privacy

All visitors and people that interact with your website have the right to privacy. Though government is trying to understand the legislation of this topic we educate our clients that user privacy is important and be treated with respect. Many website owners with construct a privacy policy that outlines this topic. We encourage website owners to think about this topic, research it and construct a privacy policy that closely matches current government regulations.

Website Access & Use

As a website owner it is your job to ensure universal access to your website content, function and over all purpose. For example if a blind person comes to your website and attempts to use the screen reader function on your website and it is not coded properly you have unknowingly caused discrimination against people with a disability. As of March 21/2021 with the 1000s’ of clients we have worked with this has never been an issue, though we have to acknowledge that many websites fail to meet this standard.

Your Data, Your Responsibility.

As a website owner your data is your responsibly. You should always have a recent backup of your website, we encourage you to request one. No matter how much redundancy we promise to you, nothing is better than you having a physical copy. In the last decade we have never lost a clients website data and we have taken multiple steps to ensure a multiple point data redundancy strategy. If their is a catastrophic event we can not made liable for the loss of data.


These are just a a few paragraphs that we hope encourage you to put your best foot forward in a digital era. The world is changing faster that any of us thought possible, as it evolves around these topics we want you to be prepared. We invite you for a discussion on these topics.