VMware & Virtualized Infrastructure

We manage and build virtualized infrastructure

Virtualized Infrastructure

Technologies like VMware, Virtual Box and HyperV has given us the ability to build complex cloud based infrastructure for businesses. Whether it is remote desktop, VOIP and/or custom built apps, VM technology can bring a new way of thinking when deploying, managing and securing your businesses applications.

VMware Specialized

There are only a handful of Virtual Machine technologies on the market, VMware has proven itself to us as the most commercial, giving us all the features and technologies we need to build complex infrastructure. VMware also gives us the ability to restore, backup and recover data in a fast and efficient way.

VMware Components and Features

VMware ESXi: A virtualization layer run on physical servers that abstracts processor, memory, storage, and resources into multiple virtual machines.

VMware vCenter Server: The central point for configuring, provisioning, and managing virtualized IT environments. It provides essential datacenter services such as access control, performance monitoring, and alarm management.

VMware vSphere Client: An interface that enables users to connect remotely to vCenter Server or ESXi from any Windows PC.

VMware vSphere Web Client: A Web interface that enables users to connect remotely to vCenter Server from a variety of Web browsers and operating systems.

VMware vSphere SDKs: Feature that provides standard interfaces for VMware and third-party solutions to access VMware vSphere.

vSphere Virtual Machine File System (VMFS): A high performance cluster file system for ESXi virtual machines.