Swift Media is dedicated to professional, proper, technical education. It drives our firm to understand what SEO means. We are a educationally driven organization. We believe there are many people selling marketing & SEO products that really offer no advantage to a business, this is very rampant in our industry. Below is a list of things we believe to be important based on our years of experience in this industry.

Our Approach

Each application we host must be in its own environment, not shared with anyone else, see below for what a shared environment can look like:

Infrastructure is important!

People often end up wanting to be at the top of google, they want their search rank to the best. Realistically everyone wants that, and no firm can promise that to anyone, and thats the truth. However here are the factors that we believe to influence good search rank.

  • Non Shared Environment
  • Clean Code // Fast Website Load Time
  • Rich Dynamic Content
  • Proper Sitemap
  • Proper Website Meta Data & Page Naming
  • Proper Website Structure
  • No Dead Links
  • Length the domain has been online
  • Crosslinks to other networks

If you do these things, your website will look like this:

Please read through the following, to educate yourself more on the importance of building a website properly and the results it can give;

Clean Code // Fast Website Load Times

Having a website that is coded and compressed and hosted in a fast environment has huge results on search rank and website usability. If your website has a 20 second load time like the one below, search engines are not going to want to favour your website. Why? Why would a brand like Google want to be known for serving websites that have slow load times. This ends up making their servers work harder and is overall and cost them more.

Rich Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is content that is generated with a Date, Month and Year tag attached to it. The technical term is called “meta date tag”. This content lets search engine know that their is fresh content on the website. This gave rise to the term blogging and fuel a new industry known as niche blogging. The strategy was to find a niche (pet clothing) and begin writing content around that niche. Therefore making your website the most popular in your category. We encourage companies to look at Content Writing as one of the best inbound marketing strategies one can perform.

Proper Website Naming Structure

Give your website a proper name using the following ” | ” character is really effective at showing which keywords are the most important on the website. Creating a properly coded navigation will give you a website listing like the one below.

Understanding Crosslinking

Why is facebook.com the number one website in the world? Because it has the most crosslinks! These are sites linking to it, allow me to explain. Why do you think social networks offer widgets? and want you to put their icons on your website? Because it gives them a “crosslink” a referral back to their network, which makes their website more powerful.