Building Your Business With  Linux

Tired of Mac? Tired of Windows? Theres something else, and its awesome...

Ubuntu & Custom Linux

As an I.T. professional I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, and every year it gets closer to mainstream adoption. The frustration of random Windows restarts, the lack of privacy, the intrusion, the business downtime, the printer drivers that don't work anymore, all of it can be corrected if corporations embrace the power of Open Source and begin build their own managed distro's of linux. Were proud to be taking the first steps, this year has been exciting as we have finally provisioned some linux laptops for clients and the result has been amazing. We plan to help facilitate it to be a main stream offering.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Talk to us about getting a Linux laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. It's a new experience that frankly just works. We invite you to have a conversation with us and encourage you to explore the possibilities.

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Good communcation is at the center of good business

Our Process

we have developed a process for delivering and developing technologies.

Being educated and having a good understanding of the situation
Good design is innovative and makes a product or service understandable.
Development is finding the best way to create something and executing
Education is all part of it, your decide how you want to learn, we will teach!
Beta Launch
Never release any work without a solid review
Follow up
We want to work with you and follow up with you to make sure its going well.
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