A.I. is birthed from algorithms that perform a number automated tasks…

These automated tasks begin to form a neural net of action and reaction responses. My first experiments of automation, came in the form of keyboard macros,( it was useful while playing video games). I bought a G15 keyboard from Logitech that allowed me to program keystrokes into “one key” (called a G key). If I needed to perform a rapid set of keystrokes in response to an action I’d simply hit the G key and sit back. In the video game world this was considered fair, all I was doing was making myself more efficient. However some would argue this was unfair.The limitation of macro’s is it could not respond to the situation for me and change the keystrokes, in short I still needed to react.


Then came the bots…

Having a macro was not enough for some players, so they built an automated program that ran in the background of your computer that could respond to what was happening on the screen. This led to automated players often called “farmers”, in the game these players would keep performing the same set of tasks over and over again all day, (mining, fishing) which would result in a quick gain of in game wealth.

This led to a huge effect on the in-game economy, causing fluctuating commodities prices and quick devaluation of expensive goods. It messed up the game so much that game company had to start finding these automated farmers and shut them down, but the damage to the game and the virtual economy was vast.


Thats why I fear A.I.

It can be damaging to a free enterprise market, The majority of people do not have access to the same technology as these major companies and because the cost of trying to replicate there technology is so high, its virtually impossible to play the “game” in a traditional sense

I hope I’m making sense, Identifying bots in the real world can be hard, but to give you some perspective; If you hit the brake on your car its a macro, if your car slows down for you its A.I. (because its responding for you and making the adjustments). The advantage of those who have a self driving car would be a great impact to our economy, for those that have it. The more we build in A.I. the more automated things become, including life itself.


The Enigma

Even though I fear it, doesn’t mean I can’t see its advantage, and its purpose, and this can be demonstrated in our history,the decoding of the enigma machine, (one of my favourite tech films). Alan Turing realized that humans could not solve the problem, he knew he needed a machine to decode the german communication, so he built one, and some would say he saved the world. That was a result of a very simple A.I.



I predict that A.I. will effect the financial system greatly, money as a concept may become less important, and people won’t need to buy things or pay for anything because the system will provide basic needs. But if there is money I suspect it will be very expensive to have, and will correlate very closely to raw materials. I suspect useful assets will hold there value and possibly even increase.

I suspect people will start helping people more regularly and we will share common goals, I think traditional trades and practices will also be highly sought after.