Create stellar video content in the palm of your hand…

The sensors, apps and technologies are quickly improving, giving the everyday smartphone user the ability to create cinematic quality productions in the palm of there hand. I personally have become very interested in this topic, both because I have a small passion for creative film and also the power of creating stellar content swiftly… presents a unique opportunity and advantage for businesses.

Understanding Smartphone Videography, Tips and Tricks.

After countless hours researching, experimenting and reading, I learned that good video is less about the camera and more about the camera software, editing software and the various techniques that can make a poorly shot film into a master piece. Below is list of tips and tricks to make awesome video on your smartphone.

  • Manual Camera App – (Filmic Pro)
  • Change the Bit Rate (Iphone 7+ @ 100MBPS)
  • Change to 24FPS from 30FPS
  • Stop all AUTO Settings!
  • Use a Stablizer!(DJI Osmo Mobile)
  • Use Multiple Len’s (google moment len’s)
  • Post Production (Color Correction, Sound Design, Aspect Ratio, Editing
Smartphone Video Editing

In my research I watched a video that was shot on an iphone 5s and edited on an Ipad, It was for Bentley, and it was amazing. So I looked into iOS video editors and found iMovie, Splice, Quik and a number of others. What was interesting about these programs was just how fast they were, I could cut, trim and add music faster than ever. With proper planning, post production, templates and some videography techniques I could create amazing films just using iphone and ipad apps.



I have noticed that there is a certain style and way to present certain types of footage, for an example nature videos are different than concert videos. Each film category contains a number of different styles and techniques that bring to life the scene. My passion revolves around motorcycles, when I begin researching and watching motorcycle videos and carefully look for the techniques used, it helps me better understand how to film motorcycles, If your planning on filming fashion, the techniques will be different. Using this strategy, and watching video with a careful eye has taught me alot about videography. Adding effects, transitions, and using the right len’s can go a long way with producing stellar video.



If your going to be recording audio with your smartphone film, I highly suggest using a second piece of technology specifically designed for audio recording, unfortunately the technology on most smartphones doesn’t allow for good audio for film. Getting a Zoom H6 will give you all audio recording functions you need, and it will sound natural and crisp.