How we Work

We are dedicated to our clients and their business


Offering good customer service is our core business, our industry is plagued by inconsistent service, poor education, and intermittent communication. We have been constantly learning to provide the best service in our industry, though we can't say now its 100% perfect. But we're getting there. The difference with us is that we keep building process and technology that allows us to serve our clients better, and we're starting to know what constitutes first class service.

The People

Education! A very important topic for everything we do. Our people are self educated experts in the field of hosting and server technology. Working with top level technicians we have no need for a tiered support system, meaning our clients don't have to jump through a number of different departments to get an answer.

Our Approach

Yes were available 24/7 but like most of you we have families and live active life's. Our work life balance is important, and we believe its important for everyone. To achieve 24/7 support, we all carry smart phones and macbooks, both installed with technology allowing secure access to our communication systems and server infrastructure. We also alternate weekend watch shifts, and if necessary if the problem is drastic we call in more team members to help. It's not a perfect system, but we believe as we add more team members and improve on our methods we will get there.

Our commitment to you

We are a managed application hosting company dedicated to providing excellent service and support.


We promise to make your website load fast, and be accessible all around the world


We promise to make sure your websites are online, all the time.


Your issues will be handled promptly and professionally by expert technicians.


We are committed to security, we will treat your websites like our own.


We will provide respectful, transparent and kind communication.

Doing it Right

We will continue to find ways to make our service better.

How we monitor

Were using a our uniquely designed software to offer website monitoring. It allows us to check the site for deficiencies, uptime and content changes. On the laptop screen, you will see a live broadcast of our software, running off one of our office macbooks.

How we manage

Software virtualization is key to managing, scaling and maintaining your infrastructure. Using virtualization we can backup your servers daily and offer a unique redudancy system.