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Your best to think of us an employee, who will solve your problems.


a partnership with Swift Media is often a yearly contract in which we integrate and learn your business, we then endeavor to make it better by using technology. Our partnership program is designed to be a mutually benefiting relationship which provides you with a Web, IT & Marketing expert.

During the course of a partnership agreement we often feel like business consultants & project managers, educating and sharing new knowledge with customers is our first priority. What we have found is that most leading businesses who have high profitability and are using some form of technology, automation and or process. Which is often accompanied by organized and planned technology adoption.

Who should partner?

Not everybody fits into the partnership program, and its not always necessary. Our Partnership program is designed for those that want us accessible on a regular basis, and with that accessibly we can provide a different and more specialized level of service. It allows us to move the client through our program while giving them every benefit a tech company has to offer.

Benefits of partnering?

Its hard to explain all the benefits, so here is a real example. Company X hires us for a year at a total contract value of $100,000 thousand (Top Level Contract). In that time here is an example of the money we saved and the problems we can solve.

  • We Build an amazing website - Company starts getting online quote request. Gets new business, grows business portfolio by $300,000 thousand
  • We deploy a new remote accounting server, this is incredibly fast. during this deployment we break down there software and hardware costs and give the company an affordable monthly lease option, #savingthemthousands.
  • We deploy a new email system, properly map there signatures
  • We take over managing there telecom & IT providers, and push them on price and get new discounts. We establish long distance plans.
  • We deploy a new system managing there 500 cell phones bring there devices cost down from $90 - $30 dollars
  • We train there staff, and give them new insight into technology and start to break through the #microsoftsyndrome.
  • We put a stop to there phone book advertising, We stop there Online Adwords adverting and redo it.
  • We build a newsletter system and teach them how to use it.
  • All this is provided with an educational attitude, in which we build a tech based experience into the employees of the organization, and facilitate giving them real education.

    The Point is the company saves money, increases profitability.

    Getting Started

    During our first meeting, we will identify the immediate needs and immediate problems we have to solve. Together we map out those objectives and then provide a proposal based on the information provided. For the cost of an average employee we can save you thousands and improve your business profitability.

    We will normally ask about budget to help understand our workload and your expectations.If that makes you uncomfortable or your concerned about giving that number a away because you think well use the whole thing, take comfort in the fact that we operate with percentages and don’t exceed those ratios. That means is we look at the organizations total operating budget and then we compare it with our knowledge of the industry. We use departmentalized percentages of what companies should be spending in IT, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Admin and if we do our job correctly, well be able to analyze the situation to make sure we don’t exceed and over spend. Your best to think of us an employee who will solve a lot of your problems.

    After we have an idea of what we need to do, and what problems we need to solve, we will present you with a yearly based contract, that is often broken into monthly payments. We then begin working together.

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