Our approach to  Marketing

We create diverse and detailed marketing strategies


We recommend having a marketing strategy for every business we work with. Often companies don't have a plan in place and market their businesses based on "feelings" & "instincts" and an overall desire to obtain more business, this all has merit, However, the road to scalability, growth & sustainability is often carved by planning, process, strategy & reporting. We strive to create transparent educational strategies that are executed and revised a quarterly basis. Performing this each quarter gives us the ability to audit the success of our efforts. Our process can be summarized in this format;

  • Strategy
  • Execute
  • Report

Our goal is to make this an easy process, we don't like to bombard companies with large confusing documents that don't make sense and are hard to follow. We strive to be clear and task oriented in our documentation. Below you will learn what is included in our marketing strategies.

Marketing 101

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects' attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.

Outbound Marketing
Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing, where the customers find you, mostly through various paid and natural search engine marketing efforts.

A good strategy includes both of these methods, below is an example use of these two strategies.

Within these two methods (outbound and inbound) there are initiatives that companys make to procure more business. We categorize these initiatives like this

Traditional Marketing

Mailouts, Flyers, Newspapers, Tradeshows, TV Ad's, Speech Engagements, Billboards

Digital Marketing Initiatives

Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Websites, Blogging

This information illustrates the basis of a marketing strategy

  • Decide on a marketing method
  • Execute on that method with an initiative
  • Report on the Success of that Initiative

Strategy Example

Our focus is Digital Marketing

Though we can offer assistance with traditional marketing it is not our focus. We look to technology to provide competitive marketing advantages. Like many firms we offer the following services

Social Media

We manage, develope and build new audiences for your business using social media


We managd Google, Bing and Yahoo Adwords and optimize your click through rate.


We optimize websites so that you can be on top of search engines.


Everyone is on Linkedin, let us build your audience


Twitter has millions of users each day, lets join the conversation.


let us build your search rank using a crosslinking strategy

Using Computer Programing...

This is where it gets interesting, we opened the doors to automation and marketing. The use of computer programming and marketing has shown us to be very lucrative... Let us share with you an example of what this means.

Example 1 - Automation & Social Media

a client that owns a taxi company asked us the following;

"Hi we just got a quote for a social media management service for $2000 dollars per month, they said they were going to post for us and create giveaways and events"

We question that approach, and its value to the business. We know that most social media efforts for content developement are in vain because;

  • the content is never good
  • the promotions are poorly targeted
  • and the company managing it for you, does not know your business

Our Solution

After giving it some thought, we had an idea, if this company wants to build an active follower base on social media than they have to give valuable information like; traffic reports, weather and possibly news headlines, but manually putting that information out is a daunting task it needs to be automated. Using computer programming we created some scripts to automatically download the weather data and posted it through social media, we did this for weather and traffic report.

The result:
By spending a small amount with Swift Media they had an active social media feed with lots of likes, comments and posts because they provided relative information automatically with computer programmng.

Automation in Action