Managed IT  Services

Developing affordable IT Solutions for businesses.

IT Management

We believe in creating an IT Strategy for a business and following it through with executing on the initiatives. There is so much technology, apps & systems that are available on the market. Navigating which systems to choose and commit to can be challenging. We have also found that working with our telecom suppliers in Canada is a daunting and confusing process, we can represent your business and help manage your relationship your suppliers. We know how to save you money. IT Strategies are designed To control costs & create scalability of systems, increase efficiencies and help grow your business.

  • Manage Telecom Suppliersn
  • Manage 3rd Party Contractors
  • Deployment of New Systems
  • Design IT Infrastructure
  • Design Intranets
  • Build and Design Websites
  • Managed Email Systems
  • Provision Phone Systems
  • Manage Data & Backup Systems
  • Quick Connect

    Server Management

    We can remotely manage a number of different servers and server application. Our fully managed service will help bring new stability to your systems. Our technicians are constantly monitoring and testing servers for security systems deficiencies. Our goal is to partner with our clients to create and build an environment that suites their application, we then follow it up with providing documentation, recommendations and independent recovery situations.

    Infrastructure Design

    Basically we build servers that are designed for the application that they are serving, during the design process we analyze the applications requirements and test various application configurations until we find the one with the best results. We then build and customize a server and it's hardware for the application.

    We have a similar approach to apple in this respect, and we believe that the only way to create a suitable and stable hosting solution is to control the hardware and software together

    After we have decided the configuration and are satisfied with the results, we design the redundancy system, planning and developing the backup systems. Our goal is to have an 1-4 hour server restoration time, while also allowing the company to retain local onsite backups of their data, as is the direction of compliance and data regulations.

    Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

    Servers are becoming a neccessary component of our work lifes, and the need for providing affordable server solutions is growing.We offer managed servers with an 1gps internet connection for fixed monthly price, making it more affordable for businesses to adopt more technology into their organizations. Fixating your server costs and scaling your business with predicted infrastructure rates is a great way to reduce costs and create more efficiency and consistancy for your team

    Inovating and design infrastructure helps find new ways to provision servers with affordable rates. Our IAAS service allows us to build customized server environments for our clients, we simply add on the more resources as required.

    Software as a Service (SAAS)

    Similar to IAAS, there is a growing need for software, software that solves a problem or add's to a business efficiency and/or bottomline. Swift Media will create, host, manage and source software for businesses. While keeping it affordable for small business.

    If you look at the current technology culture, we are seeing a trend of rising costs for software we have used for many years. These rising costs are skimming the profitability of organizations, our goal is to provide valuable software for business, that allows them to scale, save costs and improve efficiency.We invite you to contact us to learn more about our SAAS service, each client has different needs and we understand that, making a customized solution is our speciality.

    Learn about Project Timelining

    we develope a project timelines for executing on all of the work we do for clients. Having a project timeline that illustrates the deliverables and what we need to accomplish helps keep all parties accountable.