Infrastructure Design

We Provision and Design Infrastructure

Infrastructure Design

Basically we build servers that are designed for the application that they are serving, during the design process we analyze the applications requirements and test various application configurations until we find the one with the best results. We then build and customize a server and it's hardware for the application.

We have a similar approach to apple in this respect, and we believe that the only way to create a suitable and stable hosting solution is to control the hardware and software together

After we have decided the configuration and are satisfied with the results, we design the redundancy system, planning and developing the backup systems. Our goal is to have an 1-4 hour server restoration time, while also allowing the company to retain local onsite backups of their data, as is the direction of compliance and data regulations.

Security Modeling
After we have laid the ground work for the server environment, we begin security modelling and creating and a secure server access policy. Allowing our team to have on demand access to the server in case of application issues.

What makes us different?
Were made different because of the diversity of our application experience, it allows us to understand better how applications work. Often applications use similar database technology and share similar development patterns and process. Finally, like all our services we have a focus on education. We want our customers to have an understanding of what we're doing so they can make informed decisions.

Our commitment to you

We are a managed application hosting company dedicated to providing excellent service and support.


We promise to make your website load fast, and be accessbile all around the world


We promise to make sure your websites are online, all the time.


Your issues will be handled promptly and professionally by expert technicians.


We are committed to security, we will treat your websites like our own.


We will provide respectful, transparent and kind communication.

Doing it Right

We will continue to find ways to make our service better.

How we monitor

Were using a our uniquely designed software to offer website monitoring. It allows us to check the site for deficiencies, uptime and content changes. On the laptop screen, you will see a live broadcast of our software, running off one of our office macbooks.

How we manage

Software virtualization is key to managing, scaling and maintaining your infrastructure. Using virtualization we can backup your servers daily and offer a unique redudancy system.