Partnering with your  Business

Developing IT Strategies & Marketing Plans Together.

IT Management

We believe in creating an IT Strategy for a business and following it through with executing on the initiatives. There is so much technology, apps & systems that are available on the market. Navigating which systems to choose and commit to can be challenging. We have also found that working with our telecom suppliers in Canada is a daunting and confusing process, we can represent your business and help manage your relationship your suppliers. We know how to save you money. IT Strategies are designed To control costs & create scalability of systems, increase efficiencies and help grow your business.

What we do?

  • Manage Telecom Suppliers
  • Manage 3rd Party Contracts
  • Build & Design IT Infrastructure
  • Build Internal Communication Tools
  • Build & Manage Websites
  • Manage Email Systems
  • Provision Phone Systems
  • Manage Data & Backup Systems
  • Monthly Reporting

Marketing Management

We create customized 3 month Marketing Strategies for businesses. This allows us to measure and report on our methods & Initiatives. Our plans include both inbound and outbound marketing methods, we utilize all the networks available; including Social Media. This helps businesses understand what marketing avenues are successful so we can maximize the result of your budget.

What we do?

  • Manage Online Marketing Initiatives
  • Community Management (social media)
  • Brochure & Content Creation
  • Online Ad Placement (Google, Linkedin, Twitter)
  • Video & Photography
  • Traditional Ad Placement
  • Monthly Reporting

Learn about Project Timelining

we develope a project timelines for executing on all of the work we do for clients. Having a project timeline that illustrates the deliverables and what we need to accomplish helps keep all parties accountable.

Swift Media is a full service digital agency, located in St. Albert, Alberta We help companies managed their servers, develop websites and implement communication systems, intranets and more.
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