We know  Computer Programming

Having a good knowledge of code allows us to understand how things work


When we look at a website, application, video game or a server, we see code. We immediately think how is this operating, how can we improve it, and what is it purpose?. This curiousity drives us to keep learning and getting better at using different languages to create unique applications and user experience. How does this benefit you (the customer)

We Understand The Web Browser

We see what web browser sees, (the code that is processed from the website). Each file, each piece of script/code can be analyzed. This allows us to pay attention to load times, performance and the information your website is providing to search engines. Looking at a website with this perspective give us new insight into why it is or isn't performing well.

  • We improve load times
  • We can compress code and images
  • We can test websites for SEO (keywords and meta information)
  • We can test websites on multiple devices

This is what we see

See the Pen EKwbyj by mathew (@swiftmedia) on CodePen.

We Understand The Terminal & BASH Script

Our knowledged of the terminal (cmd prompt) give us the ability to make requests, search for files, run scripts and manage web servers. The knowledge of unix, bash, applescript is crucial for us managing websites and applications and makes us a unique partner.

  • We make large tasks, small tasks
  • We can test and improve security
  • We can program scripts and software to help manage and update websites and applications

We Understand Networking

We know how networks operate and how to manage networks and DNS (domain name services). We know how to register and manage domain names, name servers, SSL certificates. Our server administration background gives us a diverse ability to deploy web servers, software and manage a number of different applications

  • We can find out why something isn't online
  • We can fix websites and servers
  • We can transfer, backup and move data
  • We can setup networks
  • We can create clouds

We Understand User Interface

We know and understand user interface, user experience and conversion. Why do people stay on a website? User interface always comes in the form of simplicty and function and knowing how to achieve this is crucial for website success

  • We can make users get more out of your website
  • We can tell your website is or isnt converting
  • We can give recommendations for improvement

Languages we work with

Though we don't know everything, we have a good understanding of how things work. Below are the languages we are comfortable with


We are experts with HTML,


We are well versed in CSS and its latest functionality


We utilize and understand PHP.


Python gives us some cool abilities


We know Bash well and use it for many projects.

Apple Script

we are learning xcode and apple script to make better applications

Swift Media is a full service digital agency, located in St. Albert, Alberta We help companies managed their servers, develop websites and implement communication systems, intranets and more.
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