Managed Cloud  Services

We provision commercial cloud services from our data center

Cloud Services

Cloud Services are any service that is provisioned using the internet and a server. Most commonly cloud services are known as applications, some examples of cloud service applications you may already know are

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • iCloud

Most of these cloud based application are for data storage, but there are also those that offer something different like accounting service; freshbooks, sage 50, salesforce. Swift Media will provide custom cloud services (applications) depending on the software requirement and demands of the desired application, swift media will code and develope it a begin hosting it for your company.

Server Hosting
We host servers in our data center, these servers are configured with your applications, which can include email systems, web hosting platforms, accounting data servers and more.

Server Management
We are a solely managed service provider, meaning that all of our services are managed by a technical representative who is also your account manager.

Examples of Cloud Services

  • Remote Desktop Servers
  • Phone Systems
  • Web Servers
  • File Sharing Services
  • Backup and Data Management

  • Our knowledge of security, server design and background in web development makes us a valuable partner that can answer questions on all fronts of IT.

    Why Swift Media?

    People came to us because we knew how to solve problems and make things fast. Once we realized that our service was in demand we made it our focus to improve and innovate customer service. We can say with confidence we know what we are doing, and have done it before.

    Technically Skilled
    Our team has years of experience provisioning and managing servers of all kinds

    Simplified Customer Service "The Green Button"
    We have no levels of support, and by clicking the green button on our website you can directly interface with our team. It inserts you into our communication system forcing a quick response.

    Software Leasing Options
    We can offer a lease option on combining software, server and licensing costs. This gives businesses the flexibility of an affordable monthly cost.

    Infrastructure as a Service
    When breaking down the cost of a server and the support costs of that server, we can offer a lease option on the software, server and licensing costs. This gives businesses the flexibility of an afforable monthly cost.

    Speed & Connectivity
    Our servers are fast, not only with state of the art hardware, but also with some of the highest download and upload speeds offered in Canada

    Security & Spam Protection
    Our servers have automatic DDOS protection and Spam Protection, which allows us to protect your business online.

    Quick Connect

    Our commitment to you

    We are a managed application hosting company dedicated to providing excellent service and support.


    We promise to make your website load fast, and be accessbile all around the world


    We promise to make sure your websites are online, all the time.


    Your issues will be handled promptly and professionally by expert technicians.


    We are committed to security, we will treat your websites like our own.


    We will provide respectful, transparent and kind communication.

    Doing it Right

    We will continue to find ways to make our service better.

    How we monitor

    Were using a our uniquely designed software to offer website monitoring. It allows us to check the site for deficiencies, uptime and content changes. On the laptop screen, you will see a live broadcast of our software, running off one of our office macbooks.

    How we manage

    Software virtualization is key to managing, scaling and maintaining your infrastructure. Using virtualization we can backup your servers daily and offer a unique redudancy system.