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Blockchain databases (decentralized ledgers) are required for extensive automation, building the road for A.I. (without a decentralized ledger, machines can't think on their own) 

Imagine all of the technology we use on a daily basis, (cell phones, microwaves, cars, laptops, washers, dryers etc) has an onboard computer, that tracks when it is used and where it is.

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Its been a crazy year for crypto. BTC, Ethereum, and ZEC are proving to hold a lot of value (represented by Fiat currency.)

This situation forces me to ask “What is the future of crypto & its technology?” I won’t pretend to know the answer, but it does beg for some speculation. After consulting with a couple friends and colleagues, they all seem to be under the impression that crypto currency, such as BitCoin, are in a bubble.

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Elon Musk, the CEO of a company called Tesla, believes that A.I. is something to fear. I agree. As these headlines have been making there way around the internet, I have no doubt in my mind that this A.I. problem is a definite concern and something that needs regulation and attention form law makers.

A.I. is birthed from algorithms that perform a number automated tasks that begin to form a neural net of action and reaction responses. My first experiments of automation came in the form of keyboard macros,( it was useful while playing video games). I bought a G15 keyboard from Logitech that allowed me to program keystrokes into “one key” (called a G key)...

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an article exploring the tools, techonogies and techniques for creating cinematic quality on your mobile device.

The sensors, apps and techniques are quickly improving, giving the everyday smartphone user the ability to create cinematic quality productions in the palm of there hand. I become very interested in this topic, both because I have a small passion for creative film and also the power of creating stellar content, swiftly...

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an article describing the leading systems for Ecommerce and some important things to know

We find a lot of people eager to enter the Ecommerce industry and because of the amount of questions we end up answering, I thought it best to put together a short article explaining some of the key components for online stores.

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an article based on educating the best practices regarding search engine optimization

Swift Media is dedicated to professional, correct and technical education. This direction drives our firm to understand the definition of SEO. We are a educationally driven organization. We believe there are many people selling "digital marketing" & "SEO products" that really offer no advantage to a business. Below is a list of things we believe to be important based on our years of experience in this industry.

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